12 apostles' symbols pdf

(�� /Width 319 (�� He is the only apostle whose death is recorded in scripture (Acts 12:2).

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He was exiled to the Island of Patmos under the Emperor Domitian for his proclamation of the risen Christ. James was beheaded by Herod Agrippa. The deaths of the other seven apostles are known by tradition or the writings of early Christian historians. James The Greater - escallop shells 4). (�� (�� 3 0 obj ...................................................�� �?" (�� According to traditions and the Bible, eight of the Apostles died as Martyrs. <> (��

%PDF-1.5 All four Gospels give lists of the twelve apostles T/F 6. 5. (12) The Apostle John John is the only one of the twelve Apostles to have died a natural death. (�� stream ::���� ׸��#���F��st�p�ܴ9�w�έ����z�9��E��͹t �K���y


Simon surnamed Peter: Died 33 … (��

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Judas Iscariot was the treasurer of the apostles T/F 9. I bought the one that says “All I need is a little coffee… and a whole lot of Jesus” Printed on the front. endobj (��

Matthew - money bags 9). *$( %2%(,-/0/#484.7*./.�� C 3 0 obj /Filter /DCTDecode �O+���T�� iT?j��_����Qw-|'/)��\��Y����N��qE��7� M��/:��YJ-o������� {Z����Rhe�)f�/����D��� ,�����ahr����>tZ|_�V�~����� �/�]R�gm�5{�h���ϕ7�4�y�yP� ������������U�i�t�d�/'�A� ����Tڷ�-��� �o�����r�;ͣ^�?�k�y>W��� ]P����? 4 0 obj (��

(�� <> %PDF-1.4 ! Andrew - X shaped crucifix 3). ��� Let’s explore the symbols that the church gave the twelve apostles and see how they help us understand our faith. Neither religious, nor refined, they were ordinary people, just like you and me. The inner circle _ of the apostles of Jesus was comprised of Peter, John, and James, son of Alphaeus T/F 7. (�� %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz��������������������������������������������������������������������������� Q��c:{�?��z���=v��~�V��a5�X�H�u�ϗǫ����ͻ�K�������}>,^l��#��%B/��{A!G�����ߣǓ�&M�9Eo��tH���'ϭ�0�;W�I�7j�"x��$���P��}�����`|�V�>�}��z��NL���7�������U��ֻ�/49�ѵ�oȉ�L����׫�o���I5����#��>�3�sG��@z�"���bx�ް��[6���mm���[ R���U�|v�����nk ��ۻϷ�����Ço�����. /Height 434 We find the names of the twelve apostles in: << ���� JFIF H H �� C (�� x���mo�Fr���w�Ki�9&��&,|1��Mv��n���b!�4�rg$��� ��߮��סΈ�����j�~�v��a��0.��;����_�����~]׹teC7������_����_��믆��;��9׳�u�ơ{��믾��Nj��r����_�������C7�~�~|_+r��[��q��)���Z��~������;�?ݏ�������8���C"u���K=��a����)�z��PƮ֘��0fjsm��}�� ��v������G��L]��k���n�Κ�vڴ�Yr%�.�pr.�i�žS���\����/����rH����ڿ�������n�0,�z7��!-��߯�n��������>�gw���Ywys�=���ή��x>�������y:�:��>�z՝����/�oƳ���WU�)����'n���C����6L���� c��6=O]��C t���?�_��W������~��o�?�^|������7�������짛�>�r����x���%��]���#��3���O�6�QO�}��������Km:?\=��6�[�c�����K�z����.Qɇ�c[O3E���b)^�����ԖO��s�ߐ�.���}�f=��=7`:T���SxӼ����i߹֮����c��|�}_nXww[��ڼ�?�>^�>���F���?^_u��t�������.���7���7��I�x�s��9χr���?��zv���CGT]�u�/�S�/�؅��I����z�5��5j���e���������_. ��A��Wk�"���m�|_�?m7�5���+90Y$�1o $�7��9�V2 ��k��yV��0�ǩ ����K�U�?0��w{����3nh�Ph�Ÿ��z��y}��m��H�T��Cc��S��в�̎���G_���0�w�2y�~��?\��$�wwu���@��ݡ+�7��8�4�N�CuFy|nYN�f����M#'�����O�l��=�?�����_4)Z=}nޜ��x��U&z���f���2����2�}�O��u�ű�@Ӽ�)���'j���;�\����E��\ݱ6�|��ӣ�uEg�!�)�>^��r�2�O�������7|����{“�I�f��O�ɪ�v��j�D��S���������2�f��]������A����FG?ȣS����p�V�ڹxO#���3u�m�UhX�����.o�ie�Il��34v�9.�!�=w�)�yЃM�FZ�������Y�dh��Ґ��S��);���1Q�j���e����nð�q�Uqz�Ӳ�������8ٺ%���es�������ݞ �>�d��N](��Dd����gWwK�ӁSF�h��]}���٠�����������v�zq���@3�����,��. endobj ��O� �xQ����>̺��ή��>�j����7�u�Q���y�p8ղi�M�c˞� endobj (�� }/����G��d���|���M���K��h�IlEGh_� �՟�}�� ��_��D��� ~�u������V���w-h�KK?�E� =�w�%�=ɼ�+�5/����3UI�u-�����ˑu9���. (�� %PDF-1.5 �� � w !1AQaq"2�B���� #3R�br� endobj

According to the New Testament, none of the apostles were married T/F 8.

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At least two of the Apostles, Peter and Andrew were crucified. 2 0 obj

(�� stream Phillip - cross and two loaves of bread 6). They had no extraordinary skills. James The Less - saw 8). (��

It was there that he wrote the last book in the Bible, Revelation. Jude - sailing vessel 7). (�� ' .)10. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 12 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> �� � } !1AQa"q2���#B��R��$3br�


2 0 obj |���qG�Wn�}�`O�_����� ��il�ׅ��P�%�X���A������F�40U�m���5?a��\��5�Q��z}OuqK�..h.��s�`~�֪>�U�}���;?ڨ�7��(��|���yO1ۮ8ߣ���c&�ю��s����M3x�hC|�����L���7��e'�������������ե]:IB���K]��s��O4�����}���Q��u�Q����/�[gc`8���d��Q�������gl>�a�y� endobj stream (���$�LR]��"�wH�2����L�QE -R}(h�ϭ- QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QE QHX Although he did not die a martyr's death, he did live a martyr's life. %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz��������������������������������������������������������������������������� Peter - silver keys 2).

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