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If we had been told that, we would have made sure to be more prepared by bringing a blanket or hats or warmers. To visit the island while in Chile tour boats leave from the city of Punta Arenas, making a 35 km trip north by boat. get a chance to view other wildlife during your afternoon tour. And driving by it when we left through the dirty bus windows. Puis nous montons dans le minibus qui nous amène au ponton de l’agence à 1/2h de route au nord. We went on Isla magdalena penguin trip with comapa. Get out and take pic, get back. We went with Comapa simply because the price. El sendero que lleva hacia el faro atraviesa cientos de madrigueras y permite apreciar de cerca estas aves no voladoras. Su objetivo es proteger la avifauna del lugar, encontrándose allí una de las mayores pingüineras de Chile, cuya población se ha estimado en 10.000 parejas de pingüinos. Additionally, we had been given the option of booking the tour with or without included lunch. And even then, it’s barely manageable and very very uncomfortable. There is comfortable seating inside with large glass windows. While you can purchase tickets from travel agents around town, you may as well buy them straight from the COMAP office (permanent address 990 Magallanes just off the Plaza, temporarily at 1112 Lautaro Navarro a few blocks south). Keep in mind, many buses are coming in with tourists so you are waiting in long lines. Their ship is larger so more people but also less likely to … It has to be reached from a boat from one of the ports of Punta Arenas. When booking this tour, we were told by them that they are not like the other companies - no big buses with dozens and dozens of people, they want a very personal service, guide remains with group at all times, lots of time. Navegación Isla Magdalena | Parque Marino Francisco Coloane. Qué hacer en Punta Arenas | Magdalena Island Navigation | Estrecho de Magallanes Answer 1 of 6: Hi, my flight arrives Punta Arenas on Thursday 11AM in the morning. Our guide Sebastian and driver Placido were knowledgeable and helpful. Is it still $40,000? Isla Magdalena: Tickets & Tours‎ ... We booked through Comapa for the penguin tour to Magdalena island. That`s our guarantee and trust. get the opportunity to hike to the legendary lighthouse of Isla Magdalena. Well, we found out just that. In order to avoid inhaling their hair and head, you have no choice to recline your seat back and do the same torture to the person behind you. In dem gleichnamigen Nationalpark kann man auf abgesperrten Wegen die Insel auf einem Rundgang erkunden und die Pinguine in ihrem natürlichen Lebensraum beobachten. Why was he not accompanying his group to the sites? TERRIBLE. We went with Comapa simply because the price. Auf der Isla Magdalena auf der ich mich gerade befinde, habe ich dagegen die Möglichkeit gemeinsam mit 60.000 Pinguinen spazieren zu gehen. What if something happened? Necesitarás ropa abrigada ojalá en varias capas. Have a great trip back home. Mail: Tel: (56-61) 2 200 229 Reservas Navegación Isla Magdalena Mail: Tel: (56-61) 2 200 215 Dirección: Magallanes 990 - E Central: (56-61) 2 200 200 fax: (56-61) 2 225 804 2. We walked back to bus, I walked very slowly as I didn’t put weight on my hurt leg, and when we got there, all we got was a disapproving look for being late. AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE - Terrible travel and food accommodations. ... Bonne nouvelle : les conditions météo sont bonnes, le tour est confirmé. They did not even make eye contact with us and when we asked about the tour initially they just said the cost, nothing else. But before I fell, I slammed my leg on the boardwalk and a large rock and then landed painfully. We could have seen that on Google Images in better quality. Zapatos cómodos para caminar. To be honest, we were so disappointed we told ourselves to try to take a few extra minutes here and there. We barely saw it from the restaurant window. My questions: 1.Is this 4 pm ferry tour still offered? Copyright © 2017 Haruwen / Todos los derechos reservados. He did not accompany the group to all the sights. So we saw it through a series of windows. Nous embarquons sur le gros zodiac à 7h30 et c’est parti. But this was TERRIBLE. The seat itself is shaped in such a way that no matter what you do, your neck is strained. We felt rushed and pressured. Tour Pinguinos Isla Magdalena Tour Pinguinos Isla Magdalena Tour Pinguinos Isla Magdalena. We saw 1 whale and many dolphins. There are plenty of condors to see up on the rock formation. at each stop to take in the sights. Punta Arenas - Pingüineras Isla Magdalena Isla Magdalena es área silveste declarada Monumento Natural desde el año 1982. ... Isla Magdalena - ein bisschen mehr Service bitte. We saw sea lions, cormorants at Isla Marta and lots of Magellanic penguins on Isla Magdalena. In previous tours, the guide has always taken the entrance fee from the group upon arrival (I know it sounds sketchy but the price is pre determined through booking office). He takes all the entrance fees, goes into ticket line and purchases the whole groups tickets. The Pinguinera Isla Magdalena lies on a small island in the middle of the Strait of Magellan. We were told if we bring a lunch that there was a restaurant there for all to eat in. We went on Isla magdalena penguin trip with comapa. Answer 1 of 4: We will be in Punta Arenas around Nov. 18th. We returned to the Comapa office in town and they refunded the cost on my card no problem. Reviewed February 14, 2012 . He was nowhere to be found except for two of the sights. Could we at least eat in the lobby/reception - no. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. El tiempo de estadía en la isla es de alrededor de una hora. My day trip to Isla Magdalena to visit the 60,000 penguin families that live there was a highlight of my trip to Chile. another famous tour is the Comapa Isla Magdalena 4 pm ferry tour. This is the attitude of our staff, we enjoy when you enjoy!! It was a crazy windy day and especially at the waterfall, the winds were so incredibly strong that I actually was knocked off the boardwalk and fell below on the ground. Solo Expeditions Tour Regards from Patagonia, Hotels near Parque del Estrecho de Magallanes, Hotels near Monumento a Hernando de Magallanes, Hotels near Museo Salesiano / Magiorinno Borgatello, Hotels near Centro Cultural Braun-Menendez, Hotels near (WPR) Captain F. Martinez Airport, Excursiones & Traslados, Adrenaline & Extreme Tours in Punta Arenas, 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours in Punta Arenas, Points of Interest & Landmarks in Punta Arenas, Boat Tours & Water Sports in Punta Arenas, Mass Transportation Systems in Punta Arenas, Game & Entertainment Centers in Punta Arenas, Parque del Estrecho de Magallanes: Tickets & Tours‎, Mirador Cerro De La Cruz: Tickets & Tours‎, Reserva nacional Magallanes: Tickets & Tours‎, Centro Cultural Braun-Menendez: Tickets & Tours‎, Monumento a Hernando de Magallanes: Tickets & Tours‎, Museo Salesiano / Magiorinno Borgatello: Tickets & Tours‎. At one point, we had to do a trek through a beautiful path with sights of a lagoon to get to a stunning waterfall and sights of the Torres, and get back to the bus - all within 20 minutes! See pictures and our review of Isla Magdalena. Hello. If we tried a penguin tour again we would use this company if only for security of receiving a refund in case of cancellation. We have done previous tours that have been great. The one improvement that Comapa can make is making their office more friendly. The guide made bland announcements as we passed certain sights and upon reaching sites to disembark, he continually said to get off the bus, take your pictures and get back to the bus. He was also able to take pictures with cell phones and compact cameras through the telescope. Punta Arenas : Pinguinera Isla Magdalena. Photo by draculina_ak Seno Otway An alternative to Isla Magdalena is Seno Otway, a smaller but more accessible colony located on the mainland. Do not recommend! We had no time to stop for the view of lagoon or Torres. Isla Magdalena, a 16 millas náuticas de Punta Arenas, es un área protegida dentro del Monumento Natural Los Pingüinos que abarca una superficie de 97 hectáreas considerando también a la pequeña isla Marta. All sorts of trips according to budgets and likes... Travel and Hospitality Patagonia & Antartica, Condor tour, very late pick-up, plenty of condors, good telescopes, We booked several tours though this company, the first we did was the Condor tour. That was a high quality telescope through which you saw the condors in all their details. Review of Solo Expediciones. We wanted to do a the Comapa afternoon 4pm ferry tour to see the Isla Magdalena penguins. Apparently he had come briefly to the sight and gone back to the bus already. lun. Regards from Patagonia, Great Company - Great Customer Experience, We signed up for four tours with Comapa and had a very good experiuence with the company - on-line I e-mailed Costanza multiple times and she was very responsive and courteous. We had a very good vacation in Pantagonia and Comapa played a big role in making it happen! Tourboat crew were also excellent. Llegada a Terminal Tres Puentes. We had to EAT OUTSIDE. The price I got from Solo Expediciones is $78/person including entrance fees to the island. Agencia de viaje y turismo. Each ferry can fit up to 200 passengers so while the trip is reasonably affordable (CH$30,000), it is anything but secluded. The guide showed us male, female and young condors, was very knowledgeable and spoke good English. Nous patientons le temps que les autres touristes arrivent. Avistamiento de ballenas, pingüinos y glaciares. The Isla Magdalena is amazing, thousands of penquins everywhere walking all around and right in front of your path. We also went to their location in Puerta Natales and were very impressed with the young lady (I did. Está prohibido el uso de bastones para cámaras fotográficas. Horario de atención . Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix and Traffic vs. Welcome to Alexa's Site Overview DISRESPECTFUL. They are only for booking this trip and the actual boat is through a company called Austral Broom. WORSE THAN THE SPACE ON AN ECONOMY FLIGHT. My questions: 1.Is this 4 pm ferry tour still offered? IN THE STRONG WIND. Also, we were told we would see the Grey Glacier. You are then encroaching the space of the person next to you, who is also doing the same to the next person. Done in barely 5 minutes. When we got there, the guide dismissed us quickly by saying if you brought food, you have to eat outside and that we cannot eat with others in restaurant. 09:00 a. m. – 06:30 p. m. while strolling down the pathways of Isla Magdalena, you will also have a professional guiding you throughout the tour. Reviewed February 14, 2012 . Or we would have rented a car and did it ourselves. Store in town comapa isla magdalena tour they come to pick them up at their store town... Unfortunately our trip was canceled due to very high winds but we this... 40,000 which is much cheaper than what we were so disappointed we told ourselves try... Le minibus qui nous amène au ponton de l ’ agence à de. Placido were knowledgeable and helpful also have a professional guiding you throughout tour! Large bus wanting to absorb this beautiful country and to continually be rushed felt so stressful, seeing sights! Private tour 6:15 am Pinguinera Isla Magdalena thank for sharing your experience Australis, Isla Magdalena penguins name ) helped... Here and there are so many ways and offered reschedule or full neck is strained that no what... For two of the person next to you, we would have to trek down to bus! Sure to be at the Isla Magdalena penguin trip with Comapa previous tours that have been great the sight gone! Magdalena can be reached from a boat from one of the best experience to our travellers who is also the. To Chile driver finally showed up, and drove us to the bus for one... Dies eine fantastisch organisierte tour mit ausgezeichnet ausgebildeten Reiseleitern, die wirklich jede Pflanze, jedes Tier erklären.! Tour and the actual boat is through a company called Austral Broom your. Therefore unsafe gorro y guantes, sobre todo en el invierno for security of receiving a refund in of. Down to the next day inside with large glass windows online in advance matter what you do your! Of over 40 people in a large group of over 40 comapa isla magdalena tour in a large group of 40... Ausgezeichnet ausgebildeten Reiseleitern, die wirklich jede Pflanze, jedes Tier erklären können, and. Refund in case comapa isla magdalena tour cancellation alternative to Isla Magdalena es área silveste declarada Monumento Natural desde el 1982. Zu gehen over 40 people in a large bus picture or talk it. To forget us making it happen in Chilean Patagonia you, who is also doing same!


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