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Here's one thing that annoys me: when one is known - I'm not going to be ridiculous and say 'famous' - you sometimes get people coming up to you and saying, reproachfully: "You don't remember me, do you? Super, thanks, Small Talk. As the presenter of Saturday sports magazine World of Sport (1955-85), Dickie Davies was one of the most immediately recognisable faces of 1970s ITV. Davies is the President of Sandford Springs Golf Club. Is Tyson the best boxer you've ever seen? Because I introduced every single show; nowadays they have different people introducing at different times of the day but I did it all by myself. and turns to his wife and asks, "Ivy, where did we go on holidays last year?". It's all about showing great sporting moments. He wasn't just a great sportsman, he is a great, great man. Hello Dickie, how are you? In the early stages of his career, Davies was known by his birth name, Richard Davies, but changed to Dickie Davies at the suggestion of his ITV Sport colleague Jimmy Hill. What a loser! Bruce Lee Film Featured Villain Who Was Double Of 'World Of Sport' Dickie Davies, Conor McGregor Has Chips Every Night For His Tea, Conor McGregor Banned From Fighting After Potatoes Found Growing Out Of His Ears. Many nostalgic types insist it wasn't like today's WWE, that fights weren't stage-managed. What's the most ludicrous thing Dickie Davies has done whilst drunk? Charlie says: "No, I don't think that was it either." [Splutters laughter] Actually, I'm not good at looking at myself on screen, I always think I look like a very boring individual! I think it just sounded friendlier. In the late-1990s, he fronted Dickie Davies' Sporting Heroes and Bobby Charlton's Football Scrapbook for British Sky Broadcasting. It was an absolute marathon but it was wonderful. This image is no longer for sale. Dickie Davies also took over as host in 1968 and would remain the face of the show until it ended in 1985. His first job in broadcasting was as an announcer for Southern Television. Please see our terms and conditions and disclaimer. But I must tell you, Small Talk, that the series of programmes I'm most proud of was the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. It's young broads all the way for Small Talk from now on. [Slapping its thigh] Wahey! But I suppose I'll be honest with you, but I'm not going to give you the lady's name. In 2005, he presented a one-off special 50 Years of World of Sport for ITV, as part of the ITV 50 celebrations. Thanks for taking the time to chat and good luck with the anchoring. And there's no way that girl should have been there to see her dad get a beating like that. It is entirely fictitious. Sounds great. Sometimes actually, I go for pink champagne. Davies attended Oldershaw Grammar School after passing his eleven-plus, he then did National Service in the Royal Air Force, and worked as a purser on the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth ocean liners. Most people, of course, are very pleasant, but you do get one or two smart arses. Thanks, Small Talk. We've got loads of great European Cup finals, brilliant boxing and cricket and a whole host of other timeless sporting action. I tend not to get drunk, Small Talk. We use cookies to give you the best experience, this includes cookies from third party websites and advertisers. My wife is a very good gardener and we grow them. What's your favourite TV show, apart from everything on ESPN? Who is, or was, the greatest martial artist in history? He is mentioned in the hit song “Dickie Davies Eyes” by Half Man Half Biscuit. Don't forget: young! Charlie says: "Yes, that's it!" In the late-1990s, he fronted Dickie Davies' Sporting Heroes and Bobby Charlton's Football Scrapbook for British Sky Broadcasting. Approximately how many times have you been mistaken for him in the street? But those people are fools, aren't they? I'm sorry about having to be so vague. For instance, there was this elderly chap called Charlie who met an old friend of his called Fred and they got to chatting about their summer holidays. What's the last CD you bought? Let me think [Small Talk lets him think, so he does. Tyson was awesome. Not half as silly as were hoping after that promising build-up. Get a random spoof news story. My wife and all my friends called me Dickie but in the television world it was considered that Richard sounded much more proper. Charlie asked Larry where he'd gone on holiday last year, to which Charlie replied: "Oh it was marvellous, we went to ... blimey, I've forgotten!" The first time I met Jimmy Tarbuck, he looked at me and said, "I see you've been doing the ceiling again!". Finally then, Dickie, can you tell us a joke? The fighters knew they were entertainers but they were so good at what they did that they didn't need to fix anything: they improvised. After leaving ITV, Davies joined the original incarnation of Eurosport, which was then owned by Sky and the EBU. Fred replies: "Ivy?" That was a natural feature, wasn't it? Download this stock image: DICKIE DAVIES WITH SONS DANNY & PETER TV PRESENTER (1972) - BPW27T from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Now then, who or what would you throw headfirst into Room 101? I am a great fan of John and have worked with him in the past. Can't decide? It's thought that Davies may have become involved with the movie through his work on 'World of Sport', which regularly featured wrestling, including Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, and Kendo Nagasaki, as part of its format. Davies occasionally contributed to ESPN Classic. He presented sports bulletins from his home for Classic FM in its early days. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental or is intended purely as a satire, parody or spoof. Bye. Answer Save 1 Answer Relevance Anonymous 8 years ago Favourite answer nop 0 1 Still have questions? I was in Las Vegas for the early Mike Tyson fights and they were quite phenomenal. [Chortling merrily] Listen, I was never a great wrestling fan, I never thought of it as a sport but we used to get six to ten million people watching it every Saturday so the success of it can't be denied. Think you're a big shot, don't you?" In the film, a crowd watches an extremely muscular Chinese bloke defeat opponents one after the other, a feat cheered by the crowd and the fighter's paymaster, the aforementioned 'Dickie Davies'. So that's what I did, and the difference it made was quite phenomenal. You've covered every major sporting event in your career; which was the most memorable? Any brand in particular? That is, until Lee steps into the ring, and clobbers the daft bastard this way and that, before forcing him out of the ring on his back. Do you dream of being a comedy news writer? Davies began work on World of Sport (initially called Wide World of Sports) in 1965 as understudy to Eamonn Andrews, taking over the role of presenter in 1968 when Andrews left the show. A TV viewer in Southeast Asia has reported an incident in which, during a movie he was watching, starring martial arts expert, Bruce Lee, he became aware of the presence of a villain in the film, who bore an uncanny likeness to the former 'World of Sport' host, Dickie Davies, and it probably was him. I mean Bollingers and Dom Perignon are exquisite but they're very expensive. In fact, I was at ringside for his demolition of Trevor Berbick, sitting right beside Berbick's wife and young daughter. I suddenly started to get people in the street shouting, "Hi DD!". National Service Training Programme (Malaysia), Athletics at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metres, Gymnastics at the 1988 Summer Olympics – Women's artistic team all-around.


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