flir drone cost

Simply enter your email address below. High-risk traffic stops also can be made safer by the use of drones. DUAL VISION. That means instead of just visualizing the temperature differences as with a performance camera, the images can be viewed in FLIR Tools and the actual temperature can be read for every single pixel in the image. The MUVE C360 is a time-saving, game-changer for emergency responders, industrial safety officers, and environmental monitoring experts.

There are three drone solutions in particular that stand out as having the necessary features to meet the demands required of police drones. Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual - Don’t be fooled by the compact size and portability of the Mavic - it is a powerful tool, with an impressive set of features just right for work as a police drone. We specialize in cost-effective thermal drone solutions for Police Departments all over the country. In pipeline inspections as well, aerial thermal imaging provides a solution to the nearly impossible task of inspecting miles of pipeline in often remote and inaccessible areas. Available in performance or radiometric, the Vue Pro is an extremely powerful thermal imaging camera in a very small package. That's why we want to give you the tools to help you make an informed decision. Dronefly Autel EVO II Dual Urban Scout Package, Autel Evo II Dual 640 Drone - Rugged Bundle, Dronefly FLIR Touch HD Thermal Bundle (for Inspire 2), Public Safety Pix4Dreact Fast Mapping Package, Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Urban Scout Package, Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual w/ Smart Controller Urban Scout Package, Dronefly FLIR Touch Standard Upgrade Kit (For Phantom 4 Pro/Adv), DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual (S) w/ Smart Controller, Dronefly FLIR Touch HD Upgrade Kit (for Inspire 2). An aerial thermal camera provides firefighters and rescue workers the ability to observe and monitor large areas from a safe distance, along with the ability to see through smoke, and at night or in poor visibility conditions. From keeping police officers out of harm’s way, to helping them achieve results not possible in any other way, drones are going a long way to help make our society safer. The Zenmuse XT2 houses dual visual and thermal sensors, enabling FLIR’s MSX capability. The FLIR Vue Pro gives drone operators and thermographers the power to gather accurate, non-contact temperature measurements from an aerial perspective. Trainer travel costs are not included and charged separately. Since it features the same dock, the operator can easily connect the sensor block for routine sensor verification. When used with zoom or infrared cameras, the drone can detect people in adverse and other low-visibility scenarios. Thermal cameras have come on the scene as an indispensable tool in all kinds of industries and applications. Monitoring - Drones can serve a vital role in crowd monitoring as well, allowing operators to scan the entire scene for suspicious behavior, or to locate individuals in distress. Drones are an ideal tool for inspection of solar panel arrays, whether installed on rooftops or in large fields, with their ability to cover a large area quickly.

Thermal measurements can identify areas of damaged insulation or leakage, even in certain cases in underground pipelines. SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE. MUVE C360 Training. The Mavic Enterprise also has the unique feature of optional, top-mounted payloads: a beacon, a spotlight, and/or a speaker. The precise drone package that you need will depend on your industry and the intended application, so don’t hesitate to speak with one of our experts to find out which entry-level thermal drone package is right for you. Instead of sending in first responders, a drone can scan the area to locate hot spots on the ground. Established in 1996, we are a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business centrally located in Louisville, KY. We encourage you to browse our website or contact us for additional assistance. See how the field of view (FOV) of the camera changes depending on the resoultion and lens option in this video! In situations where a suspect is refusing to get out of a vehicle, the officers can deploy a drone to assess the situation or even broadcast recorded messages, while keeping at a safe distance. Sign up today to receive exclusive access to information on the latest products, promotions, sale events & more! This in-depth review shows in-app footage, goes over several use cases, and mentions the pros and cons of the new Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. Adds an additional 2-Years to standard MUVE Service Plan Warranty. We can provide the everyday safety items as well as the more technical equipment like wireless gas detection and industrial hygiene devices. Louisville, Kentucky 40299, GX-2012 Sample Draw Confined Space Monitor, 1.5 lb (680.39 g) - C360 with dock and snorkel, 6.5 x 2.3 x 2.0" (16.51 x 5.84 x 5.08 cm) - C360 only, Proprietary automatic calibration design, includes tubing and power adaptor, Sensor data and flight information logged on tablet, FLIR VueLink™ application integrated via tablet connected to the UAS remote controller. We would never share your information with third parties.

The FLIR UAS app (available for iOS and Android) allows operators to easily set color palettes, image optimization features, and configure PWM inputs all without having to take a computer into the field. Moreover, drones can get under tree cover, or between buildings, to access places that helicopters can’t. We understand your missions, use case, operational budgets and support needs. At Customer Facility. These infrared camera resolutions and configurations are for the DJI Zenmuse XT and XT2. When equipped with a thermal camera, a drone can easily spot a lost or missing person hidden under rubble, undergrowth or even at night.

MUVE C360 Extended Service Plan Warranty, 3-Year. In the real estate and construction industry, thermal drones are a great advantage in providing access to rooftops, or achieving an entire view of a large construction, enabling easy identification of potential problem areas, whether it’s water leakage, poor insulation, or other types of damage - and all without having to put a person up on the roof or in other dangerous situations. The sensor block contains 8 sensors, and is configured for O2, LEL, CO, H2S, PID, NO2, H2S, and SO2.


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