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LESS... Wayne Anderson was born in Winnipeg and graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1963 with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, an appropriate degree: after he earned his MBA from York University in 1968 he became actively involved in his family’s cattle operation. Jim Beers is a retired US Fish & Wildlife Service Wildlife Biologist, Special Agent, Refuge Manager, Wetlands Biologist, and Congressional Fellow.
He is a regularly featured speaker and writer in South African and international media. Patrick Moore Priem is a retired Professor of Isotope and Planetary Geology at Utrecht University (1970 – 1997). Quesnel’s work has been featured in numerous Canadian radio and newspapers outlets. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Somah is also  is the Executive Director of the Liberian History, Education & Development, Inc. (LIHEDE); an organization that provides guidance on national research development and other relevant matters, but his contribution and dedication to the eradication of malaria in Liberia is most commendable. Prior to this Cheryl was a licenced Customs Broker working in both imports and exports for one of the largest firms in Canada. Prior to becoming involved in immigration, he worked for 18 years the field of commercial banking and corporate finance both in Canada and the UK. He is an active pilot, flying gliders and small planes and has served his community on the local school board and the Metropolitan Council. He has written articles on a variety of topics, including municipal. He recently finished my five year term on the Standards Council of Canada and was subsequently elected to the board of the Canadian Standards Association.

Howard C. Hayden is a retired professor of physics at the University of Connecticut. He was re-elected in 2001 and 2004. LESS... Research Associate Her main research interests include the dynamics of transition from central planning to markets, Chinese economic development, Chinese business, globalization in East Asia, comparative studies of businesses and Asian entrepreneurship. He received his Ph.D. in History from King’s College, London with a dissertation on Protestant political theory of the Tudor period. David Beito is an associate professor of history at the University of Alabama. He is also a Board Member of GoNuclear Inc, and EFN: USA both based in Colorado, USA. He graduated from MacMaster University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Finance) in 1987. Further study in America gained him an M.Sc. He has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He is a member of various organizations including the Mont Pelerin Society. Director He works with youth in 4-H and reaches the public through a weekly TV show. Graham Lane is a retired CA and has had a multifaceted career spanning almost 50 years in the public and private sectors of seven provinces as a Senior Executive and Consultant. He served as Vice Chair from September 2000 until June 2002, when he was elected as Chair of the Board of Governors. He is co-author of the annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey. He serves on several boards, including the International Board of GoNuclear Inc and the American Board of: Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy. Executive Director, Lihede, Inc.; Associate Professor, North Carolina A & T University. At the heart of CFACT, our goal is to enhance the fruitfulness of the earth and all of its inhabitants. MORE...He founded the Commission on Nomadic Peoples of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, and its international journal, Nomadic Peoples, for which he received the IUAES Gold Award. Howard, a black civil rights pioneer, entrepreneur, and mutual aid leader. During the 1990’s, Mr. Hjertqvist played an active role in the transition of internal market ideas to a number of countries, UK, Norway and Canada not the least. Previously, Alan Moghissi was Associate Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Ivan has canoed the Grass, Manigotogan, Bloodvein, Churchill, Hayes, Black, Wind, Berens, Ponask, Stull, and portions of the God’s and Red Sucker rivers. Dr. Roger Meiners also served as a Regional Director for the Federal Trade Commission. He was recently appointed Chairman of the Alabama State Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Senior Fellow He has also worked on substations and transmission lines, on diesel, steam and gas turbine stations and had some involvement in nuclear power. MORE...In addition, Wendell is Principal of Demographia, an international consultancy based in St. Louis, Missouri specializing in regional and municipal housing policy and related planning issues. Senior Fellow

Philip Carl Salzman MORE...Appointed to The Provincial Court (Family Division) in 1976, he heard child welfare cases and general family matters until he transfered to the Criminal Division in 1989.

He is an historian with eclectic interests. His main theme has been the need to abolish The Indian Act and the separate systems of government that exist in Canada. Senior Fellow Frontier Centre does not accept government funding.In order to protect our independence, and our reputation as a research group we seek to diversify our funding base as much as possible to ensure that we are not beholden to any particular industry, interest or persons. Frank Atkins recently retired as Associate Professor of Economics from the University of Calgary. David MacKinnon In the summer semester 2013 he became a professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Dr. Novak, was a post-doctoral fellow at University of Notre Dame. Mary-Jane Bennett is a Senior Fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. He writes regularly for AEI’s Health Policy Outlook. (1975) and Ph.D. (1980) degrees in Astrophysics from Harvard University. Joseph also served as a program manager at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, overseeing their Indigenous resource economy project.

Heis also a member of the national advisory council of the black leadership network Project 21. He is known for his work as a journalist, Conservative political advisor, UKIP political candidate, and for his invention of the mathematical puzzle Eternity. During his tenure, Dr. Atkins had the privilege of supervising the Master of Arts (Economics) thesis of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Peter will talk about the theory underlying Public Choice and highlight the implications for public policymakers of this influential school of economics. Nisga’a Nation. He recently finished my five year term on the Standards Council of Canada and was subsequently elected to the board of the Canadian Standards Association. David MacKinnon, a native of Prince Edward Island, was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree (honours economics) from Dalhousie University and an MBA from York University. Joseph Quesnel is a research associate at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. His most recent book, What’s Wrong With Our Schools and How We Can Fix Them, was published in 2010 and was written with Michael Zwaagstra and John Long. Among the notable cases he heard was the Lester Desjarlais Inquiry. He is an internationally known pioneer in, and authority on, privatization. Peter Holle President at Frontier Centre for Public Policy Winnipeg, Canada Area 500+ connections Peter Holle is the founding President of the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an award-winning western Canadian based public policy think tank. Dr. Somah’s malaria eradication efforts started in 2005.

MORE...He was awarded a Centennial Fellowship by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and York University to study at York, Harvard and Oxford Universities as well as the European Institute of Business Studies. Notably, David consulted full-time for the Australian Greenhouse Office from 1999 to 2005, and part-time for the Department of Climate Change from 2008 to 2010, and was the lead modeler in developing FullCAM, the world-leading carbon accounting model that Australia uses for analyzing the carbon in Australia’s biosphere for the Kyoto Protocol. Susan Martinuk is a Vancouver-based Research and Communications Specialist who has been a featured columnist in Canadian newspapers for over 20 years. Roland Renner, Telecom Policy and Regulation, has worked in telecommunications, broadcasting and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). from the University of Stockholm. Sir Roger retired from politics in 1990 and now operates an international consulting firm based from Auckland, New Zealand where he lives.

Atkins then joined University of Calgary where he taught for more than 30 years.
Senior Fellow He believes strongly in the importance of good Public Policy for the benefit of the lives of all Canadians. Nisga’a Nation. Mr. MacKinnon is a Public Member of the Council of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons and is the Chair of its Finance Committee and a member of its Executive, Complaints and Outreach committees. Sir Roger Douglas was Finance Minister in New Zealand’s Labour Government from 1984 to 1988.


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