meena harris daughters

Having women like Kamala and Maya in her life, Meena also made waves in her career.

The issues the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign supports directly assist minority women and social justice issues. “I sometimes joke that this is how I was raised—by strong, brilliant women who ran around saving the world and helping one another succeed: a hardworking single mom, a grandmother who taught me I should always make an impact, an auntie who showed me I could do and be whatever I wanted to be,” recounted Meena Harris. To commemorate this important moment for her, Kamala's niece, sister, and step-daughter joined her with a special videotaped message, which was played before she accepted the nomination. “Aunt Kamala always emphasized this lesson to me by urging me to make my own unique contributions to issues I care about.

Harris is married to Nikolas Ajagu.

Meena also served as the senior advisor on policy and communications for Kamala's 2016 bid for the U.S. Senate, helping to secure her aunt the election. For Meena Harris, it’s also in her blood. Meena Harris with her partner Nikolas Ajagu. Meena Harris with her daughter and Aunt Kamala Harris. Harris was born to American parents; father Tony West and mother Maya Harris.

She often reminds me that nothing matters more than family, and no matter how busy she is on the campaign trail or otherwise, she will always make time for us, even if it’s getting in a quick FaceTime.”, RELATED: 5 books to read to your children that celebrate diversity.
Especially in activism and politics, the barriers to entry can seem awfully high. Meena is the daughter of Maya and Tony West. At the point when Maya Harris was seventeen years of age, she gave birth to her daughter, Meena Harris.

"Even though mommy's not here to see her first daughter step into history," Maya said, "the entire nation will see in your strength, your integrity, your intelligence and your optimism, the values that she raised you with.".

She's the founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, which brings attention to different social justice issues by directly supporting a variety of nonprofits. Meena Harris grew up being raised by a family of strong women, including her aunt, Sen. Kamala Harris. Meena Harris says she was raised by "a hardworking single mom, a grandmother who taught me I should always make an impact, and an auntie who showed me I could do and be whatever I wanted to be.”. Personally, my Aunt Kamala has always made it a priority throughout my life to teach and celebrate our family’s history and culture, often through food, and with an emphasis on the long line of powerful women we come from,” she added.

", Meena referred to her aunt as a "role model, who taught me I could do and be anything I wanted.

Meena Harris Parents.

The introduction wouldn't have been complete without a special acknowledgment of Kamala's mother, who passed away in 2009. Meena Harris Family She's the author of Kamala and Maya's Big Idea, a children's book inspired by her mother and her aunt. Meena Harris continued, “We are nothing without our ancestors, and we honor the rich history of those who came before us by proudly carrying their legacy forward. Harris has worked at Slack and also works at Uber. When Aunt Kamala and mom were young and would come home from school complaining about something they felt was unfair, my grandma would reply, ‘Well, what are you going to do about it? The book was published by HarperCollins in 2020. Meena Harris has two daughters. Now that my partner and I are raising a social justice family of our own, we’re doing everything we can to provide the same experience, instill the same lessons, and lift up the same kinds of role models. © 2020 KNOW YOUR VALUE.

Meena Harris recently shared three Know Your Value lessons her aunt taught her: “In times like these, it’s not always obvious what you can do—as an ordinary person—to make a difference.

Sen. Kamala Harris reading to Meena Harris' daughter. Family. Before Kamala officially accepted her nomination for vice president alongside Joe, the women in her life filmed a video introducing Kamala to viewers. As Kamala joins Joe Biden for the Democratic presidential ballot, she's making history.

Meena Harris published her first book titled Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea in June 2020. Parents. And throughout her childhood, Sen. Harris – who hopes to be elected vice president on Nov. 3 – always taught her that if she sees injustice, she must take action.

Meena Harris with her daughter and Aunt Kamala Harris. The pair, however, solidified their commitment to one another by becoming parents to two daughters. Meena Harris is the daughter of Maya Harris (mother) and attorney Tony West (step-father). Senator "a rock.". “In every sense, this community of women made me who I am today. Likewise, my Aunt Kamala takes *very seriously* her role as a great aunt in helping to shape my daughters. Her debut book is based on the life story of her mother Maya Harris and her aunt Kamala Harris. And I’m just getting started,” she added. Meena is the daughter of Maya and Tony West. As the daughter of Maya Harris, a political correspondent and senior advisor to Hillary Clinton, and niece of U.S. They have two daughters. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. As per The New Yorker, Maya Harris daughter Meena is additionally a lawyer who went to law school and now she works at Slack.

Having women like Kamala and Maya in her life, Meena also made waves in her career. Kamala's sister, Maya, is a political analyst for MSNBC and a lawyer; their mother was a biologist whose work made advancements in understanding and treating breast cancer. She's the founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, which brings attention to different social justice issues by directly supporting a variety of nonprofits. © 2020 KNOW YOUR VALUE. If she had her way, the girls (only 2 and 4 years old) would be on the campaign trail with her every day,” she added. Don’t sit around and complain about things, do something,’” Meena Harris recounted. Her grandmother, Shyamala Gopalan, was a cancer researcher and civil rights activist; her mother, Maya Harris, is a lawyer and policy expert; and her aunt, Kamala Harris, is a United States senator from California. Sure, she’s always encouraged me to run for office, but she never pressured me, and she also let me know that I could make an impact in other ways. Each of them commented on Kamala's historic nomination and the hard work it took for her to get there. Register to vote at and head to your state’s board of elections for details on requesting a mail-in or absentee ballot. “Beyond the cultural heritage I inherited from my family, I also know that I am the descendant of immigrants, civil rights activists and strong women who broke glass ceilings,” said Meena Harris. When Kamala Harris accepted the nomination for the Democratic Party's presidential ticket, she became the first Black and Indian American woman to be nominated to the ticket. Courtesy of Meena Harris. People Are Concerned After a TV Interview, Photographs of Mitch McConnell's Bruised Hands Leave Half of Twitter Aghast, Russell Wilson’s Political Donations Are Raising Questions About Who He Supports.

And, of course none of us can do everything, but we all have the responsibility to do something. Kristen Welker Is Moderating the Final Debate — Is She a Democrat or a Republican? She is married to Nikolas Ajagu. Election Day is Nov. 3.
Meena is a married woman herself. “My grandma always taught us, ‘Don't let anyone tell you who you are, you tell them who you are,’ and I love how my aunt made that a part of her introduction to voters when she was nominated for vice president. The Three Red Lines in Joe Biden's Logo Is Supposed to Rep the American Flag. But who is Kamala's niece, Meena Harris?


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