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They're casual, they're relaxed, and they can add a really comfortable atmosphere to your outdoor space. Consent is required to display all outdoor advertisements except in special cases. They're made for outdoor use and consist of an angled back and seat made of wide wooden slats (occasionally they come in plastic as well). Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, stadium visits or riding a sleigh in winter. Felipa said it was supposed to be nice outside today. Low patio and outdoor chairs come in many different styles.

As qualified outdoor pursuits instructors they know the importance of careful planning, particularly on the high fells where weather conditions can change dramatically. The summer camp offers many outdoor activities for kids such as fishing, hiking, canoeing, etc. the outside of something: The outside of the house is in urgent need of repair. Bullring Birmingham Commission The scale of work ranges from small bronze maquettes up to very large outdoor sculpture of monumental proportions. In outdoor rituals we pour libations on the roots of a tree. The poor law of 1838 had made no provision for the relief of the poor outside the workhouse, and outdoor relief was sanctioned by an act of 1847. good-sized outdoor pool in which to relax at the end of the day. 240+7 sentence examples: 1. It is questionable whether it is not better, in cold soils and bleak situations, to abandon outdoor peach culture, and to cover the walls with a casing of glass, so that the trees may be under shelter during the uncongenial spring weather. Of course, outdoor has not been shy of the onward march of technology itself over the past few years. The phone will not let you make outside …

Cushions that are made of outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella will last much longer than others, meaning you won't need to buy replacements any time soon.

This is shotgun shooting off road karts group outdoor activities without the noise, bruises and painful go karting outdoor recoils. The Papuan woman, who is, as a rule, more modest than the Polynesian, is the household drudge, and does the greater part of the outdoor work, but the man assists in clearing new gardens and in digging and planting the soil. The weather made outdoor activities unrealistic. Make sure to purchase cushions made specifically from outdoor fabrics.

From furniture, electronics and tools to cookware, outdoor care and bedding, this catalog is quite diverse in its offerings that feature prominent brand names. Furthermore, success now may lead to the expansion of army branding to include sportswear and outdoor equipment. Write your own examples of these sentence types below. If you're looking for extra seating or just a seat you can carry with you to all of the outdoor events that happen in the spring and summer, consider a folding aluminum lawn chair frame with webbing for the seat and the back.

When buying new cushions for outdoor furniture there are a few things to keep in mind. Lawn chair webbing used to be very easy to find in home improvement stores and garden centers, however as trends in outdoor furniture shift towards more luxurious types of patio furniture, webbing is getting harder to find. 55 overall player and No. The course brings together the buzz of a theme park ride with outdoor adventure and is a great day out for all the family. Replacement cushions for outdoor furniture are necessary when the elements have taken their toll and the cushions have started to fade and break down. Very similar operations have been carried out in Austria-Hungary, where large tracts of land have been brought into cultivation, and watercourses have been diverted successfully despite serious difficulties, climatic and physical; in Russia convict labour has been largely used in the construction of the Trans-siberian railway; the military operations in the Sudan were greatly aided by convict labourers engaged in useful work at the base and all along the line; Italy passed a law in 1904 enacting outdoor labour for the reclamation and draining of waste lands by prisoners under long sentence; and France, although much wedded to cellular imprisonment, is beginning to favour extra-mural employment of prisoners under strict regulations. There are three major trends at work in our market: outdoor sports in general and rock climbing in particular are gaining exposure. People of every nationality, age and gender filled the outdoor arena for free Salsa lessons courtesy of Club Salsa. The only retailer that offers Thomasville furniture for sale online is The Home Depot, which offers Thomasville Outdoor, a collection of patio furniture. bodes well for the new outdoor season which starts in April.

Outdoor furniture is often made of wood, aluminum, plastic or wicker, and while these pieces can be fine on their own, seat cushions add that little bit of extra padding that takes them from just fine to super comfy. If you're in the market for some outdoor furniture give these old-timers some consideration.

Outdoor plaques with a choice of stain and finished with three coats of high gloss quality yacht varnish. A table and chairs are provided for your outdoor meal also relaxer chairs. Finally, the "rustic" nature means that a table won't look particularly sleek or modern--a rustic outdoor dining table is characteristic of rural or country life, easier times, simpler means. In the generative paradigm, Chris Loynes describes alternatives to the positivist paradigm in outdoor experiential learning. 3. What made you want to look up outside? Webbed aluminum folding lawn chairs can add a great vintage look to your outdoor space. Flea markets and yard sales are some of the best places to pickup old outdoor chairs. The scene for the performance was held in the most beautiful outdoor plaza along the water, under a clear moonlit night. It is a major commercial and historical center with the central square, Parque Santa Catalina, acting as one giant outdoor cafe! Thieves at work in the Green Lantern hide a stolen wallet in Charlie 's outdoor sleeping place. luminaryrliest work dates from the 1950s when he captured on film bluegrass luminaries on stage at outdoor concerts. The University will be building an outdoor pavement labyrinth in George Square Gardens over the summer months. Pollinate tomatoes by hand to ensure early fruit on plants intended for outdoor culture. Just remember to give them a little care and you'll have great cushions that last for many years to come.With the right lawn chair cushions you can enhance your outdoor relaxation time both in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Objective size- the second number in the binocular. Outdoor seat cushions are available in just about every color and pattern you can imagine. Outdoor people will enjoy and be intrigued by the wombat story. draughtsr barbecue area, outdoor drafts set & basketball net. If you're looking for modern outdoor furniture, Art-Deck-Oh!

This classic outdoor furniture option doesn't seem to want to ever go away despite its fancier counterparts, and there are plenty of reasons why. First remove the outside skin of the onion. On site amenities will include a clubhouse, restaurant, local food store, outdoor swimming pool, tennis and mountain bike rental. flavourrs looked to outdoor to give an Olympian boost to the launch of its first co-branded flavor, Heinz Tomato Ketchup flavor crisps. There is an outdoor drying area with rotary drier.

Handheld. delicacyout the wide range of goods, including quality food delicacies, unusual crafts to ornate outdoor furniture.

Plastic candy corn can safely be used as indoor or outdoor decorations. Sandals and shoes of bronze are mentioned in Irish literature, and quite a number are to be seen in museums. Outdoor pillows should offer at least a one-year warranty (hopefully longer). Outdoor uses such as timber cladding of buildings, fencing, etc. In fact, all of the three outdoor furniture repairs mentioned, along with many others, are easy to do and the replacement parts are readily available both off and online. If you are using an outdoor cat repellent to deter your own cats from entering areas or climbing on items where you don't want them, you should combine these repellents with behavioral training. Each of the outdoor units incorporates twin DC rotary compressors - unique to Toshiba.

Jefferson was an expert violinist, a good singer and dancer, proficient in outdoor sports, and an excellent horseman. CS: I travel throughout the world looking for innovative products geared towards making the most of the outdoor room. Along with the countryside, one of the best places to partake in some outdoor eating is the beach. A relaxing solid on one side that flips over to expose a lively print or stripe will help add movement, surprise and additional interest to your outdoor seating. D & J Patio provides a large selection of videos and picture guide how-tos for many outdoor furniture repairs including how to apply vinyl straps, lacing and slings.

It's out of doors, but even in the winter it's like taking an outdoor bath.

outdoor on the barbecue Grill over medium coals, skin side down until the skin is crispy, 5 minutes. An outdoor hot tub is also available - see below!

Backcountry is known for a wide array of men's pants suited for active, outdoor situations. Outdoor sentence examples. used as a function word to indicate movement to or position on the outer side of, And bilateral gynandromorphy is different from hermaphrodism, in which an organism has both male and female reproductive organs but may appear on the, The unit is white with no decorations on the, The nation’s No.
Outside all was bright, fresh, dewy, and cheerful. It's important to remember that although outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand the elements, they do require some care.
You can even add an outdoor blanket or quilt so that the new mom can introduce her little girl to the garden setting in comfort.

stew with rice along with the requisite Nile Specials for lunch at the small outdoor park restaurant. If you spend a lot of time sitting on outdoor furniture consider adding cushions to make them more comfortable. outdoor swimming pools, these are normally open during the main season. This is an outdoor activity so wear appropriate clothing, be warned it gets very smoky ! The age saw flagpole sitting public goldfish swallowing and other outdoor marathons to generate ballyhoo. Here are a few basic care tips to help lengthen the life of your outdoor furniture cushions. Conservation volunteering is a worthwhile and healthy outdoor activity which makes a pleasant change from sitting at a desk! Some good goat stew with rice along with the requisite Nile Specials for lunch at the small outdoor park restaurant. Outdoor cushions come in an unending variety of fabrics and styles so you can always find something that will be just right for you. Chair Care Patio and D & J Patio both carry a full line of replacement parts and repair pieces for most types of outdoor furniture. 15. outdoor enthusiasts who either live in Scotland or are planning to visit us. Another means of preventing a horde of cat diseases is to keep your cat indoors and allow outdoor activity only in controlled, safe environments. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. It should not rest directly on the ground; most outdoor hutches come with legs attached. Some cats may be more susceptible to ear issues than others, especially long-haired breeds, outdoor cats or cats with a history of allergies.


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