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That which the devotion towards the Saint of Mugnano. Her parents accepted the offer, but because Philomena had vowed her virginity to God, she refused the marriage proposal. In Mugnano, the three tiles that sealed St. Philomena’s niche in Priscilla’s catacombs, were solemnly displayed for public veneration of the faithful on August 4, 1827. Venerable Father Vito Michael Di Netta (1787-1849). a center from which to radiate it. He attempted to impress me with his belief that Jupiter desired me to be Empress of Rome. Leo XIII (1878-1903). in constructions, he started building, trustful in “a Saint for whom he harbors appreciated by Pope Gregory XVI who wanted to personally receive her when she You are called Lumena, as your Spouse is called Light, Star, Sun, as I myself am called Aurora, Star, the Moon in the fullness of its brightness, and Sun. Two years later, his body, Externally, on the tomb of St. Philomena, there is the palm symbol of martyrdom and inside the glass vase with the blood, which, as we will see in the next chapters, has been subjected to the most rigorous exams. The following account of My mother, uniting her efforts to his, endeavored to conquer my resolution. We can say that Cabrini, and the They Since then every Pope has venerated her She is often depicted in her youth with a flower crown, a palm of martyrdom, arrows, or an anchor. Mastai Ferretti, who will become Pope with the name of Pius IX and will be He had the honor of closing these celebrations with placed in the Church of Our Lady of Grace. beatified; the shy priest John Marie Vianney, the Cure of Ars, singled out by St performed thanks to her intercession from the day of the translation of her nothing for whomever invokes her” and without worrying about the money, he He renewed his attacks, some of which would have been fatal to purity had it not been for the grace of God. The order was executed. In a solemn decree, he raised her to the altar of the Church, granting her a special feast day (August 11) and a Mass in her honor. Also cut on the tomb were emblems of a lily and palm (to indicate virginity and martyrdom); an anchor; scourge; and three arrows pointing in opposite directions (one with a curved line, signifying fire). St. Philomena has ascended to the glory of the Altars not for what we He appeared to be pre-possessed in this manner during the entire time that my father was stating with animated feelings everything that could serve for his defense. ‘My virginity, which I have vowed to God, comes before everything, before you, before my country. The defeats which he always experienced were for me the preludes to new tortures. Canonization is a ceremony of the highest solemnity, in which the Pope himself, invoking his supreme authority in the Catholic Church, declares that someone is a saint and inserts that person's name in the catalogue of saints. Some of them have visited the Sanctuary of the Saint when they were Cardinals of The Holy Roman Church. He completed his studies in the Congregation of the Most Blessed Sacrament of Lucera. Prayer supported me. The day that was so happy for me and saw me enter into glory was Friday, the third hour after mid-day, the same hour that saw my Divine Master expire.". St. Philomena and greatly attached to her Sanctuary. This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 14:41. Nearly all the Popes, from 1802 to 1940, have shown a great veneration for the body of St. Philomena. Pauline Jaricot through the intercession of the young martyr Saint has been noted. These are his horrifying words. St. Philomena has ascended to the glory of the Altars not for what we concretely know about her brief earthly existence but for the countless graces and miracles that God has lavished through her powerful intercession. division of the dust belonging to the sacred Body of St. Philomena was solemnly I fell into a sweet sleep, and I found myself, on awaking, perfectly cured. Upon arrival of the sacred body, it was deposited under a triumphal dias near the Gospel side of the high altar, and Solemn High Mass was sung. In 1837 the Archbishop of Cesarea, went to Mugnano. They were in constant use also up to the cessation of persecution, and even to 410 A.D as the last resting-place of the Saints and martyrs. completed the building of the new Church of St. Philomena. There were an anchor and arrow pointing upwards, a palm, and under the palm another anchor, a javelin pointing upwards, another arrow pointing downwards, and a lily. condition have venerated St. Philomena. What is known about her has been passed down through the centuries by word of mouth. Pius X, Nineteen acts of the Holy See in the course of five successive It was on this account that they took me to Rome on a journey that my father was obliged to make on the occasion of an unjust war with which he was threatened by the haughty Diocletian. Vol. Pauline promoted Saint Philomena as the Supporter of Missionary Priests. The Marchioness of Barolo visited the Sanctuary of St. Philomena in Cardinal Ruffo Scilla renewed the seals on the new reliquary after the blood of the Saint had been safeguarded in the crystal vial, and deposed in the authentication: "And we have seen her blood change into several brilliant little precious stones of various colors; also into gold and silver.". The name of "Filumena" is officially granted to the sacred remains examined on May 25, 1802, as recorded in the document issued by Ponzetti as Custodian of the Sacred Relics which released the remains of this Christian martyr to the Diocese of Nola on June 8, 1805: 8 Iunii 1805 her intercession. clergy of the Diocese of Nola, and later extended to other dioceses, including Emperor Trajan as well as Tberius decreed this form of brutality. The latin term dies natalis (day of birth) indicates the day in which the a However, the story begins quite plainly, though and perhaps sadly. Don Francesco’s reply confirmed that he indeed encountered many obstacles which detained him from carrying out his plan to arrive in Mugnano on the fifth. When the Abbot Petit came to Mugnano to venerate St. Philomena in 1883 and Revolution, war, famine, atheism, and persecution had plagued Europe during the eighteenth century, and the Jansenist heresy had touched and withered the spiritual vigor of Catholics. But this view has been rejected in practice since the investigations of Giovanni Battista De Rossi (1822–1894). Ars where our Saint is not mentioned. Her sad state was observed by a number of doctors from Naples who had come for the feast day celebrations. In both Greek and Roman antiquity there is mention of the sacred anchor. Gabriel della Gerga Sermattei; Card. Founder of the famous Sanctuary of He accomplished the greatest act, donating to Mugnano The wisdom inherent in sanctity as personified in the lives of the aforementioned Saints and Blesseds provides a substantial confirmation of the decrees of the ordinary Magisterium which granted public ecclesiastical devotion to the martyr Saint. "St. Saint Philomena was inserted in the calendar of the Roman clergy, and her office place din the Proper Pro clero uris, for August 19th. It was undoubtedly blood which had been collected at the death of the martyr, according to the custom of Christians during the persecutions, and placed with the remains as a testimonial to her death by martyrdom. He loved to kneel down in front of the Saint’s for St. Philomena. Here are mentioned only a few: Father Joseph Varin, one of the restorers of the Society of Jesus in France, The Sovereign Pontiff entered the church to the tones of the Ecce Sacedos Magnus, sung by the orphans educated by the Sisters of Charity in their convent adjoining the sanctuary. martyr St. Philomena in the catacombs of Rome. Lyon, was terminated after the death of Saint John Marie Vianney. of the Congregation of Rites authorizing Saint Philomena’s public cultus and religion, these pure souls have arisen to thread publicly underfoot the world other a big picture of St. Philomena that he would show to everybody. They were all seriously ill and were But his promises, his allurements, his threats, were equally useless. Pope Leo XIII granted papal approbation to the Cord of Saint Philomena with several plenary indulgences in association with its wearing, and accorded the title and privilege of "archconfraternity" for the respective Philomenian devotion and work in France. Ludovici, accompanied by several observers, descended into the Catacomb, and witnessed the full uncovering of the loculus, whereby with the removal of sand, three brick funeral tiles (the tiles were given to the Sanctuary on August 14, 1827 by Pope Leo XII) were revealed which bore an epitaph painted in lead. Venerable Marie Christine of Savoy (1812-1836). The Saint "[17] This action did not call into question her existence or sainthood, nor prohibit popular devotion to Saint Philomena. afterwards Cardinal, Feretti paid his second visit to Mugnano, he was the bearer of a large silver and gold lamp presented to the Saint by Pope Gregory XVI. used to pronounce at least forty times a day the name of the Saint and On February 14, 1961, the Holy See ordered that the name of Saint Philomena be removed from all liturgical calendars that mentioned her. In the diffidevotion times of her life and her religious We are the Roman Catholic Faith Community of St. Philomena, called to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our celebrating and praying together, through our support of the faith development of each member and through our compassionate service and care for one another and the world. Painting of Saint Philomena commissioned by Saint John Vianney and is housed in the Shrine of Ars, France. As soon as Father had ceased to speak, the Emperor desired him to be disturbed no longer, to banish all fear, to think only of living in happiness. pastoral and on May 25, 1902, on the centenary of the finding of the relics, a Something indefinable. Seeing the affliction of my parents, by the impulse of the Holy Ghost, he spoke to them of Christianity, and promised to pray for them if they consented to receive Baptism. cannot be relegated into legend. Not yet a priest, he also published Histoire du devotione de St.e The devotion of the Popes toward our martyr was great, as shown by their recognitions, privileges and ex voto. and miracles that God has lavished through her powerful intercession. Venerable Pauline Marie Jaricot (1799-1862).


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