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According to Schipper, the first attempt was dull because the actors were too cautious, being afraid to make mistakes; the second attempt was the opposite, as the actors went “crazy”. She then reveals that she had dedicated her whole life to the dream of becoming a concert pianist but had been told a short time ago at her music school that she was not good enough to continue. When Sonne and his friends are ordered to meet with a professional gangster to whom they owe a huge debt, Victoria unwisely tags along, and becomes embroiled in a bank heist which the men are ordered to pull off. Before embarking on Victoria, Schipper wasn’t hell bent on making a single-shot film; instead, he says that the idea was born out of a daydream. “My mind wanders often, and my mind wandered off one day to robbing a bank,” he says. When Victoria and Sonne arrive at the cafe, she invites him in for a cup of coffee, but he insists he only drinks cacao. "[6] On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 77 out of 100, based on 27 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Dass die Truppe dann irgendwie nur um einen Straßenblock im menschenleeren Mitte ihre Ründchen zu drehen scheint, wirkt im Endeffekt doch etwas unfreiwillig komisch – Das ist jetzt „the real Berlin“? The film starts small, with the titular heroine (Laia Costa) falling for the charms of Sonne (Frederick Lau) after meeting him in the wee hours at a Berlin nightclub. Ob unglaubwürdige Gangstergeschichte mit zu viel Bumm Bumm, oder bewegendes Drama in Echtzeit, die Meinungen gehen stark auseinander. His financiers thought he was insane. – So, könnte man Victoria eigentlich auch betiteln. “But with ideas, they come and you chase them off. The four agree to the robbery after Andi threatens to take Victoria hostage if they refuse. Schipper believes the final attempt was successful because there was an element of “aggression” missing from the other versions.[5]. It was a wilder, … After pulling herself together, she notices the money on the floor, picks it up, walks out of the hotel and is seen walking down the street where the take ends. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Oscar-winner Birdman was made to look as though it was filmed in one shot – but it wasn’t. [14] It was one of eight films shortlisted by Germany to be their submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards. There, Victoria reserves a room while Sonne waits, writhing in great pain. "Richterin Gnadenlos" wurde sie oft in den Medien genannt, die wohl bekannteste Juristin Deutschlands. It’s since screened at the Toronto international film festival to great acclaim. [4] Variety reviewed the film well, calling it "suffused with a surprising degree of grace and emotional authenticity. Boxer, Blinker and Sonne draw their guns and all four run away. Sonne is reluctant at first, but finally does what Boxer asked. She drives Sonne, Boxer, Blinker and Fuß (who is lying in the back of the car) to the meeting place, a parking garage where Andi is waiting with several armed men. Da kann man nichts sagen. Feeling guilty about involving Victoria and causing his friend's panic attack, Boxer says he will rob the bank alone, but the others, including Victoria, tell him that they will still help. Sonnenallee ist ein Klassiker, der das Leben Ost-Berliner Jugendlicher in der DDR der 1970er Jahre direkt neben dem Grenzübergang darstellt. Da kann … She works in a cafe for a meager wage, and does not know anybody in the city. Last modified on Thu 22 Feb 2018 20.11 GMT, Sebastian Schipper’s Victoria leaves you shaken and exhilarated. To reassure them and receive funding, he sold it to them with a plan B: if he and his crew failed to pull the stunt off, the footage would be edited into a non-continuous cut – one he dubbed “the jump cut version”. Macht euch selber ein Bild – ab jetzt läuft der Film auf Netflix. Abonniere uns über Steady und nutze Mediasteak werbefrei. All rights reserved. Die junge Spanierin lernt im Club die lautstarke und etwas prollige Jungstruppe um „Sonne“ (Frederick Lau) kennen und dann nimmt das Unheil auch schon seinen Lauf. Shortly after, an extremely nervous and agitated Boxer arrives and demands that Sonne leave with him immediately. Actor-turned-director Sebastian Schipper did the impossible in bringing his one-shot, two-hour effort to the screen. For this, Andi has asked Boxer to get three allies and bring them to a meeting with him this night. Unsurprisingly, Schipper cites his cinematographer, Sturla Brandth Grøvlen, as his most valuable contributor – so much so that Schipper breaks convention in the end credits to lead with Grøvlen’s name in place of his name. Following the first full attempt, they took a 10-day break before doing it all over again. Shot in real time, filmed in one continuous take & made all the more believable by excellent performances from its cast, Victoria has that foreboding ambiance that keeps giving off the vibe that something unfortunate is about to happen all the time and even though its single- take gimmick is attention grabbing, it's the story & characters that hold this film together. [12][13] It received the German Film Award in six categories, including Best Feature Film. These include Costa, who doesn’t strike a false note, going from carefree to shellshocked over the course of the two-hour-plus film. When they return to the back alley, they see that the police have already found the car. Möchtest du oder deine Firma mit Mediasteak zusammenarbeiten? Victoria is a 2015 German crime thriller film directed by Sebastian Schipper and starring Laia Costa and Frederick Lau. But Schipper was dead set on getting it right. “That was the beautiful thing of working on this film.”. Schipper and his team rehearsed for 10 days before shooting the film in its entirety for the first time, over the course of more than two hours in 22 locations in downtown Berlin during the early hours of the morning. It was crazy. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a rating of 82%, based on 124 reviews, with an average rating of 7.6/10. Hmm…, Dabei lassen die exzellente Kamera und das wirklich grandiose Schauspiel den Film zeitweise erschreckend real wirken. [4], To get financers onboard, director Sebastian Schipper promised to deliver a version using traditional shot cutting as “plan B” if he couldn't achieve the final product in a true single take. Schipper grins: “No, I got too scared there.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. The film was a sensation at the Berlin film festival when it premiered there in February, and it won the Silver Bear for cinematography. Andi will take €10,000 as payback and leave the rest of the money to them. Aber das ist ja noch lange kein Grund den Berlinale Überraschungs-Erfolg von 2015 nicht trotzdem zu empfehlen. To Sonne’s surprise, Victoria immediately agrees to help. Victoria is a 2015 German crime thriller film directed by Sebastian Schipper and starring Laia Costa and Frederick Lau. The score was composed and produced by Nils Frahm; an album version of the soundtrack was released on 12 June 2015. "[8], At the German Film Awards 2015, Victoria received the awards for Best Feature Film, Direction, Actress in a Leading Role (Costa), Actor in a Leading Role (Lau), Cinematography and Music. Two days later, they shot Victoria for a third and last time. Egal was die Story um die naive Victoria (Laia Costa) und ihre Berliner Nacht jetzt kann oder nicht; ein 132-minütiges Onetake zu drehen, ist auf jeden Fall schon einmal eine Leistung. They are “Sonne” (sun), “Boxer”, “Blinker” (turn signal), and “Fuß” (foot). Over coffee in Los Angeles, he likens the project – his fourth as director – to cold water: “You jump in and it wakes you up!”. Der Film von Sebastian Schipper ist auf jeden Fall keine Schonkost! So I chased off this idea for a year, and then I thought: let’s do it.”. Victoria then notices that Sonne is bleeding profusely from his wound and calls an ambulance. Go all in.’ But the second one ended up being too chaotic – it was nothing.”, For the third and final attempt, Schipper says he came at his crew with “a certain sense of aggression” to get the job done. Berlin war und ist immer wieder Schauplatz bedeutender Filmproduktionen. [18], Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, "Victoria (2015) - Financial Information", "Berlin: Is 'Victoria' Germany's Answer to 'Birdman'? Victoria covers a couple of … Und dann entwickelt sich diese Fahrradtour auch noch zu einer aufgebauschten, hanebüchenen Bonnie-und-Clyde-Story. Zurecht gab es dafür den silbernen Bären. While Victoria is driving to the bank, Blinker has a panic attack, but the others eventually calm him down. From there, Schipper’s film goes full throttle. In addition, she does not speak much German, and her only common language with the people around her is English. Lying down on the hotel bed, he watches the news, learning that Boxer died during the shootout, and Blinker died while being taken to the hospital. Would he ever revisit the “mystical island”? © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Doch wo wurde eigentlich überall gedreht? One year later, German film director Sebastian Schipper did the impossible with Victoria (2015), a 138-minute film shot in a single continuous take. Sonne and Victoria manage to enter an apartment building unseen, and take a young couple hostage in one of the apartments. “The other two were worthless,” says Schipper, matter-of-factly. When encountered by the police, they manage to give the impression that they are a young family and are allowed to leave the building. When they notice that the couple has a baby, they change clothes, take the baby with them and leave the apartment, under the desperate cries of the mother.


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